1. Technical Support

Why isn't my certificate appearing after completing a course?

There can be a few reasons why your certificate isn't appearing. This article will review them and show you what steps to take to receive your certificate!


1. Restarting a Completed Module

The most common reason that learners don’t receive a certificate is that the course is marked as “incomplete”. If you opened up a completed module to review information, but clicked “Start Over” instead of “Review Content", this will mark the module as incomplete until you finish it again.


To fix this, simply navigate to the last slide within the module by using the Menu tab. Then, click "Exit Module".


Marking Module Complete Screenshot


To prevent this, when you are reviewing a previously completed module, simply select "Review Content". This will allow you to review information without resetting the module. 


Review Content Image


As a note, If you click "Start Over", you will have to complete the entire module again.


2. Haven't Completed Survey or Download your Certificate Module

The other reason your certificate might not be showing is if you didn’t complete the course survey. This is counted as part of the course’s completion, so it will be marked as incomplete until the survey is filled out.


Completing Survey and Download Modules Screenshot


To access your certificate after you've completed your course, simply click on the “Achievements” tab at the top of your dashboard. 


Happy Problem-Solving!