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What is Enterprise Licensing?

In this article, we'll review our Enterprise Licensing option for organizations interested in scaling Lean Six Sigma across their entire organization.

Enterprise Licensing is our best registration option for organizations that are interested in scaling Lean Six Sigma across their entire organization.


Here are the basic details of Enterprise Licensing:

  1. Enterprise Licensing has 3 costs associated with it: an annual subscription, an onboarding fee, and a per user cost.
    1. The annual subscription is a yearly cost that is paid at the start of your agreement and every year after in which you choose to keep your subscription.
    2. The onboarding fee is a one-time cost that covers the process of designing  your team structure in our system, training your team on how to use the system, and the setup of your learners in the system.
    3. The user cost is a yearly cost to maintain a learner's account and course access in the system.
  2. Enterprise Licensing provides learners with "waterfall access," meaning registered learners have access to all courses up to the highest level of your subscription.
    1. For example, if you have Green Belt Enterprise Licensing, then all of your learners will have access to both Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training & Certification under one user cost. In other words, you're paying for a user's account in the system rather than paying for each of their courses.


If you're interested in learning more about Enterprise Licensing, please send us an email at sales@goleansixsigma.com or schedule a meeting with us here!


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