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Are there any prerequisites for your courses?

In this article, we'll cover any prerequisites for our courses and why they are necessary.

The only course that requires prior training is our Black Belt Training & Certification, which requires Green Belt Training & Certification to enroll. This is because our Black Belt Training & Certification is a build on our Green Belt Training & Certification. There is no overlap whatsoever!


You can bypass this prerequisite if you can share a Green Belt Certificate that is issued by a regionally accredited higher education institution or ASQ. Alternatively, you can test out of this requirement by passing our Green Belt Certification Exam.


If we do not locate a Green Belt Certificate for you in our system upon purchase of your Black Belt Training & Certification, we'll provide you with access to the Green Belt Certification Exam complimentarily, and you will receive a separate email inviting you to log in.


You will have one month to complete the Green Belt Certification Exam. You’ll have 3 attempts to pass. If you do not pass, you may purchase the full Green Belt Training & Certification course to meet the Black Belt prerequisite, or we can refund you the difference from your Black Belt Training & Certification order towards your Green Belt Training & Certification.


Happy Problem-Solving!