1. Sales & Registration

How do I register another learner?

In this article, we'll cover how you can register another learner for a course.

If you would like to register another learner or group of learners for a course, simply follow the steps below when checking out on our website:


  1. Add the appropriate course(s) to your cart, navigate to your cart to review your order and click "Checkout" when ready
  2. Fill in your Billing details
  3. Under "Additional information" section, select "Another Person" (or "Group" if registering more than one learner)
  4. Download our Learner Setup Request Form, fill it out, and upload it to the order using the "Choose Files" button (please note that the minimum information we need is your learner's first name, last name, and email address)
  5. Fill in your payment information and click "Place Order"
  6. Within 1 Business Day of receiving your order, we will set up your learners with course access, welcome emails will be sent to them from our system, and we'll respond to your order email to confirm their registration
    1. Please note, any courses purchased will first be assigned to the purchaser before being reassigned to your other learners — this is perfectly normal and we kindly ask for your patience while we reassign the course


If you have any questions on how to register your learners for our courses, or would like to learn about rolling out our courses to your entire organization, please reach out to us at sales@goleansixsigma.com.


Happy Problem-Solving!