1. Sales & Registration

How do I get my login information?

In this article, we'll cover how you'll receive your login information upon registering for a course.

First-Time User

When you register for a course with us for the first time, a welcome email (from system@litmos.com) will be sent to the email address that was used when checking out. The email will contain a link that brings you into your new account to set your account password. This link will expire 24 hours after clicking on it.


After setting your password, you can simply agree to the Terms & Conditions of using our system (using the checkbox above the "Continue" button) and then click the "Continue" button to proceed to your account's Home Dashboard where your courses will be available.


If you do not see your welcome email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder as these emails sometimes filter there. 


Returning User

Alternatively, if you've previously completed a course with us, any new course you purchase will automatically be added to your account in our system if you've used the same email address as your existing account when checking out.


If you've used a different email than the one associated with your existing account, then a new account will be created for your new email address, and you can then follow the instructions in the section above.


Please note that a welcome email will not be sent to you if you're registering for a course using an email address associated with your existing account. To access your new course after purchasing, you simply need to log in to our Learning Management System using your existing account information.


Happy Problem-Solving!