I’m having trouble completing my exams. How do I view my test results?

You can review your most recent exam by selecting the Results button next to the module you’d like to view. 

This will show you the questions that you missed and how you answered but not provide the correct answer.

All content covered in the Certification exams are covered in the Training. Questions may not always be asked in the exact form they were presented. This is done intentionally to require abstract thinking to reinforce knowledge transfer. Some of exam material is from other modules and a holistic knowledge of the material is required.

Should you need further assistance, you are allotted unlimited re-takes for all exams, and all exams are open-book.
Please note that there is a 4-hour total time limit for the exams. This simply means that the total time you spend on all 5 exams cannot exceed 4 hours.

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