My course is showing 92% completion, but I've finished it. How can I download my certificate?

In order to download your certificate you will need to make sure each training module has been completed, not just the exams.

Once you are on the main course page, there should be a full green circle with a checkmark in it next to each training module and exam showing completion: 

If any of the modules or exams have a half green circle in it, this means the training or exam is still in progress (shown below):

In order to fully complete the course and download your certificate, all exams and training modules must show completed. 

If you completed a training module and it is still showing a half green circle, simply navigate to the last slide of that training module before exiting and the module will be marked complete. 

Here is how your course should look with all required modules completed: 

Once each module shows completed, the course will show 100% and you can download your certificate through the "Achievements" tab. 

If you have gone through each module and are still having trouble showing 100% completion, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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