How does my Go-Getter Membership get renewed?

About Go-Getter Membership and Renewals

It is important to know that your Go-Getter Membership will automatically renew one year from your registration date.

If you’d like to not be charged for the following year, you can then withdraw from the yearly renewal subscription at your convenience.

You will still have access to all Go-Getter Membership material until the next yearly billing cycle (which is when it will expire).

Canceling Your Go-Getter Membership Subscription

To cancel your subscription, there are two different routes to take depending on your method of purchase. 

If you paid by credit card:

  1. Log in to your Profile
  2. Click “My Subscription” on the left sidebar
  3. Click the blue “View” button next to your Go-Getter Membership
  4. Click the blue “Cancel” button

If you paid with PayPal, you will need to cancel the subscription in your PayPal account otherwise you will still be charged even if the steps above were followed. When you purchase the Go-Getter Membership through PayPal, it creates a "recurring subscription" that must be canceled through your account on your end. 

Important note: Please cancel your subscription (steps above) in both your profile and PayPal (if used) if you no longer wish to keep your Go-Getter Membership. 

Updating Your Credit Card Information

Please follow the instructions on how to update your credit card information:
  1. Log into your Profile here:
  2. Click on Payment Methods
  3. Add/Edit a Payment Method

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